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Hello and welcome to clinical hypnosis for stress relief. My name is Scott Coleman. Please press play on the very short video below to find out exactly what hypnosis is and isn't.

Scott Coleman LMT. Certified HeartMath Coach

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Clinical hypnosis is definitely not what you see on TV or YouTube. That's just for entertainment!

I specialize in clinical hypnosis. It's a structured way of utilizing the power of a persons mind for immediate stress relief. Eyes are open, they can talk, being fully aware and in total control.

It's all about refocusing thoughts and seeding ideas using everyday language in a specific way to delete old habits and negative thoughts. And at the same time, unlock the persons potential.

It's been proven to help people make positive, creative changes in their lives, easily, quickly and naturally.

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Is Hypnosis Real? What Is It?
Does It Work?

It's important to know that we really all have two minds: a conscious mind and a subconscious or unconscious mind, right?

Remember, your conscious mind is your thinking, analyzing mind. The one you can hear in your head.

Here's a metaphor to explain: Your conscious mind is like your Contact List on your phone. But your powerful unconscious mind is the rest of your phone: the battery for power, apps, memory, keyboard and screen.

Here's another metaphor: The Captain of a cruise ship is your conscious, thinking mind, whilst the 100's of crew members are your unconscious mind.

When you were a small child you didn't know how to talk, but consciously you practiced and started putting words together. And now you can talk naturally and automatically because it's recorded inside your unconscious mind.

You had to concentrate on learning and repeating the alphabet, but now, you've said it so often, so many times, you can repeat it automatically without thinking with your conscious mind because it's
recorded inside your unconscious mind.

So it's easy to understand that bad habits, negative behaviors and thoughts can also be recorded and stored inside your unconscious mind.

And it's important to know because that's why it's challenging to stop smoking, loose weight or get rid of stress and anxiety, for example.

A famous Hypnotist expert once said, "Anything we want to change in our life has to happen in our unconscious mind, first. Hypnosis is the key to unlock that potential and make change happen easily and naturally."

Because a trained Hypnotist practitioner can quieten your thinking, analyzing conscious mind. And, just like deleting a corrupt file from your computer, can easily allow you to access your unconscious mind to delete a behavior, negative thought or memory and change it to something really positive for your future.

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Hypnotherapy inductions and definitions, plus massage therapy CEUs and hatha yoga poses, are never a substitute for medical attention, even the free self Hypnosis scripts and relaxation strategies. Results will vary from person to person, children and students. But, in the hands and minds of an expert practitioner, Hypnosis for stress relief really works!

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